Natural Park Cap Tourmente

The Cap Tourmente National Wildlife Area (NWA) is best known for the spectacular sight of huge flocks of migrating geese in spring and fall. Beyond that, however, it is an exceptional meeting place for a diversity of natural environments. It encompasses 2400 hectares (24km2) of marshes, wetlands, plains and forests that are positively teeming with species of all  kinds. it is one of eight National Wildlife Areas in Quebec, part of a network of 146 protected areas across Canada established to conserve the critical habitats of wildlife species. Some 100 breedings birds and more than 200 other species can be observed at various times throughout the year. Feeding and observation stations can be found in a variety of locations.

Not to be missed: The area is also home of 30 mammal species, numerous amphibians and invertebrates, and 700 different kinds of plants!