Museum of Civilization

13,92 $ + taxes (adult)

8,70 $ + taxes (student: 17 to 30 years old)/ 4,35$ + taxes (children: 12 to 16 years)/ Free (under 11 years old)

This Is Our Story Reference Exhibition 

Discover today’s aboriginal cultures, their diversity and their world views. First Nations and Inuit in the 21st Century. Québec’s Aborigina population is approaching 90,000. These are the men and womenof this exhibition, re-examining their past, sharing their present, and dreaming their future. .

Nanotech: The Invisible Revolution Until October 15th 2017

The Invisible Revolution. Discover the technology of the infinitely small, its explosing rise and the important issues derived from its extraordinary potential. The technology of the infinitely small is already part of our everyday lives.

People of Québec… Then and Now – Reference Exhibition 

The result of an extensive consultation with historians, specialists, academics and communicators in the study of the past and its stories, People of Québec…Then and Now is a must-see exhibition of synthesis and reference reviving the major events that built today’s Québec.

Observe. More than meets the eye! - Reference Exhibion 

Use all your senses and put your curiosity to work in this exhibition specially designed for children and families. Outwit traps and illusions to find your way and discover all there is to see. From a city to the woods and from the sky to the attic (or the other way around!), get ready to test your powers of observation! Looking closely at the world helps us make sense of it, the better to orient ourselves and adapt. It’s never too early to develop our observational skills – and never too late to sharpen them! This exhibition invites you to choose your own path through a variety of settings that challenge your senses.

Description: entrance to see the collections of the Museum of Civilisation.

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CULTURAL PACKAGE starting at 137,84$ + taxes (1 night, double occupancy in room with double bed, breakfast for two and entrance for two adults at the Musée). Supplement applies for other type of rooms. Package rates valid until June 23rd 2017. Please consult for later dates.

Opening hours:

Until June 23rd 2017 and from September 5th till June 23rd 2018: open from Tuesday to Sunday.

From June 24th till September 4th 2017: open everyday.

Holidays Season: Open everyday from December 23rd 2017 till January 7th 2018 – closed on December 25th 2017.

Opening on Mondays: April 17th 2017, September 4th 2017, October 9th 2017 and March 5th 2018.